Executive Committee


David Schwartz - President

Sara Carter-Witt - Certified Vice President

Lisa Embrey - ESP Vice President

Teresa Callies - Certified Secretary

Laura O'dell - ESP Secretary

Jennifer Herring - Treasurer

LaJeanne Moore - High School 

Heather Decker - Elementary

Jody Bosomworth - Region Council

Penny Salvato - Region Council

Ray Greenberg - Region Council

Bobby Rickman - Region Council

Brenda Powers - Past President

Jason Chapman - PN Committee Chair

Melissa King - Election Chair


Vacate positions - Middle School Representative and ESP


Professional Negotiations


The professional negotiations committee shall be elected by the general membership. The committee shall consist of twenty-four members, with one third of the members elected each year to a three-year term. The professional negotiations committee may enlist the advice and services of other individuals, as it deems necessary to function in the best interest of the association. This committee will elect from its committee membership a chief negotiator/chairperson and a negotiating team. Committee member duties include regular attendance at meetings and participation in all assigned duties as needed. If a vacancy occurs, the professional negotiations chair and / or the president can appoint a qualified member to fulfill the remainder of the vacated term.


Jason Chapman - Chair


School Years 17/18 - 19/20 School Years 18/19 - 20/21 School Years 19/20 - 21/22
Teresa Callies Penny Salvato Jody Bosomworth
Pat Lawrence Jennifer Herring Heather Decker
Sarah Thomas Sara Carter- Witt Ray Greenberg
Bobby Rickman (appt 18/19) Tim Melton Natalie Gordon
Janelle Knouse (appt 18/19) Laura O'dell Jason Chapman (appt 19/20)
Trish Bryant (appt 18/19) LaJeanne Moore Open
Rusty Bilbruck 9appt 18/19) Open Open
Open Open Open




The membership committee shall maintain, in a timely manner, the membership roster, report data monthly to the treasure, representative assembly, and executive committee. The committee will also work to increase union membership of both new and current employees.




The by-laws committee shall work to educate members about by-laws, report to the representative assembly, update and amend as determined by the membership.


Sara Carter-Witt - Chair


Public Relations


The public relations committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing the public relations and social media activities of the local association, including but not limited to webpage master and Facebook.





The election committee shall conduct elections per the election guidelines.


Melissa King - Chair




The grievance committee shall be responsible for monitoring and enforcing the contract. It shall assist members in the application of the grievance procedure. It may make recommendations whether to arbitrate grievances to the executive committee. The grievance committee shall be appointed by the president with approval of the executive committee.


Sick Leave





The calendar committee is chaired by the certified vice-president. The committee meets, as needed to agree with administration on upcoming calendars.


Sara Carter-Witt - Chair




The scholarship committee shall be responsible for the administration of the AEA scholarship fund on a yearly basis.